Our team helps you prepare, grow and plan in times of change. 



What do we do?

We help you prepare, grow and plan in times of change. We are called to go beyond our own individual ministries to bring our gifts and skills to bear wherever new life is being called forth in the context of faith.

We attend the birth of new life. We bring our skills to bear to make sure that timing, effort, and the natural course of things already in motion come together to produce healthy and sustainable outcomes. We stand by to encourage, challenge, and nurture. We implement when asked. Our goal is to be present when we are needed, and to leave those we serve with what ultimately is their own.



who are we and who do we serve?

We are passionate, innovative, energetic, and experienced leaders with a range of distinctive and complementary gifts. We work with clients to identify where they are in their journey and offer services to move them closer to their calling and vision. Our perspectives include experiences of people of color, LGBTQ folk, younger people, and women. 



What is our process?

Our first step is always listening. We’ll meet with you to discern together your priorities, your timing, and a structure for our relationship that is realistic and comfortable.

Clients come to us for a particular need to be filled. We work on a personal, intentional, and intimate level. We encounter each client afresh, as a unique and gifted entity with their own particular needs and from that encounter we propose options for moving forward. We offer consulting, coaching, implementation, and workshops, depending on your needs. We usually work on a contract basis, but do entertain hourly rates.

We are passionate people from diverse backgrounds.