Rev. Thia Reggio, Senior Consultant, seasoned pastor, worship leader, community organizer, disaster response coordinator, career discernment counselor, writer, simplification consultant, and mother of three. Thia is at her most joyful in an eclectic environment. Connecting and communicating varied aspects of life--like those between a plant pushing up through the soil and the challenges of life in a busy city, between ancient battles and psycho-social structures in organizations, between children learning a language and adults facing retirement, this is what Thia finds life-giving. 

After more than twenty years as a process and communications consultant to Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations, Thia heeded the call to seminary and the ministry, graduating from Union Seminary with a Master of Divinity in 2012 and a Master of Sacred Theology in Christianity in a Multi-Religious Context in 2013. Ordained to a small, re-emerging Presbyterian congregation in Astoria, Queens, in October of 2012, Thia was baptized into the world of disaster response by SuperStorm Sandy that same week. 

A recipient of the Thomas Hansen Award for preaching that relates scripture to current events and social justice issues, Thia strives to find connections between ancient wisdom and the world as it is unfolding around us, and to bring that into the worship and work life of the church. Drawing on her long consulting practice, Thia is now translating this work for clients with The Vandersall Collective.