The way you interact with money goes straight to the heart of your mission, vision and purpose.

Money, in its simplest form, is a tool for living into your work. But, within an organization money matters are far from simple. Money represents relationships, security, power and authority.


We look with you inside the deep and meaningful aspects of your organization’s hopes, needs and dreams to identify and plan ways to meet immediate and long term financial goals.

Through our fundraising services, we will meet you exactly where you are and help you get where you need to go.

Our campaign isn’t simply raising money. We are building relationships, recalibrating our culture and renewing our mission. Mieke and her team are integrated into every aspect with competency, dedication and heart.
— The Rev. Jared Stahler, Nevelson Chapel
Vandersall Collective helped us to gain the motivation, the tools and the confidence to launch our capital campaign. We are so grateful for their faithful and visionary guidance.
— The Rev. Kaji Dousa, Park Avenue Christian Church
Working with Vandersall Collective brought all the joys of having capable, caring, dedicated colleagues—and then some. Mieke and her team guided our nervous congregation through a feasibility study with knowledge and expertise that were matched by their compassion and pastoral sensibilities.
— Daniel Williams, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
The Vandersall Collective has approached our work together eager to listen and be attuned to the uniqueness of our organization, its identity, and its needs. I am so grateful for the coaching and empowerment they have been providing us—it has already started to transform the culture of our organization.
— The Rev. Becca Seely, LMHE
We arrived with a vision and Vandersall Collective has brought it to fruition: focusing our goals, building fundraising infrastructure, challenging the way we view money in our lives and creating a customized strategic plan has spoken to the unique needs of our project. Our ambitious dream of recording an album live in the wilderness will be realized this summer and would not have been possible without this critical process.
— Jesse Lewis, Ike Sturm, Endless Field Band
Mieke’s work was inordinately valuable to our organization. She gave me a sense of vision and confidence around fundraising.
— The Rev. Emily Scott, Former Pastor, St. Lydia’s


Feasibility studies

What resources for funding are already in a congregation and community? What is the best approach and timing for a particular culture and environment? We listen with a third-party perspective and years of experience for opportunities unseen and present. We help our clients learn how to move forward with appropriate goals, communication and strategies.


Capital campaigns

To engage in a capital campaign is a major commitment that can become the focus of a community for many years. Capital campaigns are intense, full of highs and lows, and provide the opportunity to deepen connections and intimacy with your constituents and neighbors. They require nuanced skill to lead to success, which if done well will raise trust, excitement, and buy in to your mission. We provide thoughtful experience, including strategy, writing, design and event planning, to help organize and guide a community through a campaign such as this.


Annual Campaigns

The process of how you fund your organization is of equal of importance as funding the organization itself. Annual campaigns provide an opportunity for individuals to give to support a community, organization, and/or congregation. We consult and implement annual campaigns, provide current best practices that reflect the changing fundraising landscape, help organizations set goals, craft and design individualized messaging, train volunteers, stick to timelines, and accompany you every step of the way.


Development Calendar and Audits

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the very real need for money to maintain and grow a community, and not know where to start. We listen to your constituents, identifying opportunities and roadblocks, and through this auditing process provide recommendations and a personalized calendar to keep you on track to divide development into manageable pieces. Once created, we can also serve as an outsourced development office or help train your staff to implement.


Fundraising Kickstart Strategy

For organizations that need a boost in giving and are asking key questions: Where do we start? How do we clarify and identify our needs? How do we approach existing and potential donors? How can the board be more actively involved in fundraising? We will listen to staff and donors, analyze budgets, write and design your case for support, train your board and staff, organize a cultivation event, and accompany you to learn how to ask, and how to receive.

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