Saint Peter's Church

Saint Peter’s Church is a welcoming and diverse evangelical catholic communion nourished by God and publicly engaged with others in creatively shaping life in the city.

We are working to raise the funds to restore the Chapel Of The Good Shepherd at Saint Peter’s Church--a comprehensive sculptural environment created by Louise Nevelson. It is the only permanent installation of a Nevelson comprehensive environment in New York City. The sculpture and the furnishings are the gifts of Erol Beker, who is inurned to the left of the cross.

The Park Avenue Christian Church

The community at The Park is on a mission and has a vision – a vision for a more just, sustainable, vibrant and growing community that has a broad impact on our city, our nation and our world. They believe that the church should be a place where we come to worship, fellowship and be sent out as ministers to do the work that God has called us to do — in our homes, our workplaces, our volunteer organizations, and in the world.

Astoria First Presbyterian Church

Astoria First Presbyterian Church is a re-emerging community with a history that reaches back to 1846. Founded by a group of 17 members, the church grew for over a hundred years until, like many churches in the late 20th century, its membership started to decline. After selling its buildings in 2005 to make way for affordable senior housing, Astoria First has been reborn. The community is now vibrant, diverse, and steadily growing.

We created a fundraising strategy for Astoria First as well as a new visual identity.

The Episcopal Church of Heavenly Rest

Heavenly Rest is a multi-staff congregation on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Their mission is to love and serve Christ in all persons, regardless of their race, gender, social background, religious upbringing, or sexual orientation. Heavenly Rest was in need of interim design and fundraising support as they were transition staff, and Vandersall Collective was happy to help.

The Leo Baeck Institute

Leo Baeck Institute is devoted to the history and culture of German-speaking Jews. Part of an international network with additional centers in London and Jerusalem, LBI – New York | Berlin documents and engages this legacy through its library and archival collections and public programs. Vandersall Collective guided LBI through the creation of a major donor fundraising program, including event management and donor management.

Middle Collegiate Church

Middle Collegiate Church is a celebrating, culturally diverse, inclusive and growing community of faith where all people are welcomed just as they are as they come through the door. As a teaching congregation that celebrates the arts, our ministries include rich and meaningful worship, care and education that nurture the mind, body and spirit, social action which embraces the global community, and participation in an interfaith dialogue for the purpose of justice and reconciliation.

St. Lydia's Dinner Church

St. Lydia's Dinner Church is a progressive, LGBTQ-affirming congregation in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, working to dispel isolation, reconnect neighbors, and subvert the status quo.

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