Even a small change can be transformative.

All the change in the world might make very little difference if it isn’t the change that’s needed. We work with you to make meaningful, grounded, mind-blowing, door-opening transformation happen.

Identity & Communication Strategies


Discovering who you are, who you can be, and how to communicate that to your desired audiences is the beginning of any effective communication strategy. The key to authentic worship and work is to find a sense of your true identity and live into it. This means listening and exploring the voices within and around your community and those you serve. It means knowing who you are now, and who you aspire to be, and honestly assessing what you need to do and say to make this a reality that is in the right medium for your yourself and your organization.


Communication is a two-way street. Identifying your audiences and the channels of communication that are best for you will allow you to tailor your message effectively. An in person conversation, a formal letter, web content, and social media all require different approaches. But all of them must resonate with your identity and respect your audience if you want the message to get through.


Communicating your identity visually can make the difference between stagnation and growth. Our Designer listen to the intended message to be communicated and then enter a creative process to express that. A fresh, appealing, professional logo is the basis for all other communication moving forward.


The ability to provide a web site with confidence, knowing that when people visit they will have a good sense of who you are and what you are about, and be able to effectively interact with your community, is vital in the world we live in today. This requires several key elements:

  • An inviting and appealing look and feel
  • A logical and accessible navigation and structure
  • Succinct, compelling content
  • Incentives to spend time on the site, return to the site, and interact with you beyond the site
  • A platform that can easily be updated

& Worship

Taking stock

Taking stock of how you presently communicate liturgically, and dream into the future of who you are becoming is the beginning of transforming our liturgical lives. Liturgy is the backbone of the worship experience. It moves your congregation through an experience of the Divine in community. Opening possibilities for people to be inspired, affirmed, convicted, and connected to one another and to God is the job of liturgy and worship. We help communities become more aware of the particular ways they are presently communicating through worship and with this awareness live into worship practices that reflect their desired future.

Reimagining ritual

Ritual is not rote. Ritual is a deeply human practice that is not confined to the sanctuary or sacred space and yet reflects a great deal about who we are in relationship to the sacred. By articulating how God is moving in our lives, we can then work together to reimagine ritual that reflects this particular story.

Shape, space and time in liturgy

It’s easy to become numb to the physical, spatial, and temporal realities that influence the worship experience. Integrating active and passive elements of participation with movement, awareness of place and time in new ways can transform people’s experience in unexpected ways.

Music and the arts

Music and art can transcend bounds of language, culture, and social constructs, at the same time honoring the reality that creative expression is deeply rooted in culture and experience. Scientific studies show that singing together causes both breathing and heartbeats to synchronize. A shared experience of music and art has the power to connect people in unspoken and deeply affecting ways.

Song leading lessons and workshops

Creating an atmosphere in which people feel comfortable and confident singing, and leading singing, is a key to a fuller experience of music in worship. We work with our clients to assess cultures of singing and music, and to teach inviting, forgiving, and liberating ways to revive worship through song.

Creative Innovation

Church planting, coaching, and workshops

Planting a church is not for the faint of heart. It can feel daunting, overwhelming, and chaotic. The majority of church plants do not take root. We provide coaching and workshops with experienced church planters and redevelopers to share wisdom from the road for sustainable communities.

Understanding the communities around you

Where are the people? Who are they? Does your neighborhood have a library? A senior center? Housing projects? Is it a neighborhood in transition? What history do you need to understand and consider as you are bringing out a new thing? What are the needs, and what is already happening? Learning how to listen and discern how your organization can become a valued and trusted neighbor can make the difference in your ability to share your gifts effectively and respectfully.

Making connections between the old and new

There is nothing new under the sun. And yet, everything that is living is constantly changing. Balancing these two fundamental truths will provide the equilibrium for a steady walk forward into your mission and call.

Repurposing Space & Buildings


Perhaps your building is limiting your ability to live into the fullness of your call as a community. Without moving or demolishing the building, creative renovation, from something as simple as changes in lighting and seating arrangements, to full-scale reconfiguration of space, can affect perceptions and actions and open new possibilities for community building and life together.


Even the most evocative, beautiful spaces can atrophy. Thoughtful restoration and renewal can spark a quickening of the spirit in spaces of all eras and constructions. Green solutions, attention to detail, and opportunities to integrate meaningful updates are all specialties that we can provide.

New construction

Constructing a space for worship and mission is an exciting prospect. New construction allows you to consider environmentally friendly construction methods, materials, and utility solutions, while providing a clean slate to envision physical spaces and their flexibility for a variety of uses. Expert guidance in these areas can help avoid pitfalls, navigate zoning and other legal concerns, and maximize your budget.

Land Stewardship and Church Agriculture

How much time and money do we spend maintaining lawns of beautiful grass that might be used a few times a year? What if we think about the space we have been given to steward into a garden or a basketball court? How might you use your land to serve the community and communicate your values and commitments to your neighbors?

Social Justice Strategy

Listening to God’s call towards justice for your community

Are there so many opportunities for ministry around you that you don’t know where to start? Or do you look around and not see any opportunities at all? A process of discernment, led by a third-party, can help to guide your hearts, minds, and senses to understand the ways that God is calling your community in particular to bring to life your beliefs in action.

Addressing matters of race and culture

Race and culture, and our identity and experience as racialized people, form much of the ways that our communities are created. People with white skin privilege need to engage in their own education and emotional work and together we must build coalitions and true and just multicultural communities. We can help you navigate these waters.

Becoming a social justice-centered organization or congregation

You know God’s call on your lives is to not only stand for social justice but also to help bring it about. Guiding a body of people through a process to become more conscious and active can be daunting. It can be helpful to have another as a sounding board, confidant and strategist.

How to not only welcome but celebrate LGBTQ people

LGBTQ people are already part of your community and yet you know that you must signify ways that you are a safe and welcoming space. Education and concrete steps can be taken to help your community welcome LGBTQ folks, yes, but move also move beyond that into a place of true solidarity and celebration.

Learn about the tools needed to keep going.