What’s next for you?

Where are you being called? Where is the resistance to change? Where is the excitement? How does your legacy impact the way things are now and influence what you aspire to?


So many questions! We believe the answers lie within your organization. Tapping into the fullness of who you are; listening together for the call forward; discerning a way around the next corner and beyond. This is the work we’re passionate about.

Working with the Vandersall team has been a game-changer for our organization. The combination of skills this team has brought to the table revolutionized our operations, communications, fundraising, and strategic planning for the future. As a director charged with a challenging re-start, Vandersall was exactly the resource I needed, soup to nuts, in a visionary one stop shop. The passion, wisdom and devotion to the future of the church and the world charged our team and our Board will resolve and determination. What a gift!
— Dr. Courtney Cowart, Society for the Increase of the Ministry
On our own, we would not be able to navigate these waters. We’re grateful for the partnership we feel with Mieke and her team.
— The Rev. Donald Schell, Board President, Music that Makes Community
The work we did with Vandersall, looking deeply at who we are as a church and what’s possible for our ministry in the future, has started to manifest itself in the way we meet together, in how we worship, how we’re rethinking our structure, and how we allow the Spirit to move us in discernment rather than always just “planning and doing.” What a great surprise to find that this work also gave me a springboard into work at the General Assembly on the denomination’s Way Forward Committee. I found that I knew how to listen for what was needed, and had the vocabulary at the ready to talk about exciting possibilities for the future of the church.
— The Rev. Julie Emery, Westminster Presbyterian Church, West Hartford



Gathering key voices together and experiencing your organization from different perspectives in a guided process can center you to set priorities for strategies and plans that fit who you really are and envision who you’re becoming.



Facing facts, taking a hard look at priorities, and imagining what’s possible—all of these come together to make an authentic way of being and operating in the world.


Strategic Direction

If it were as simple as going from point A to point B, you wouldn’t need a strategy. Finding your strategic direction considers where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’d like to go before you launch into planning. It’s the compass that helps you get back on course through the inevitable detours, lay-overs, and storms.



Sometimes what you need is a sounding board. Experienced pastors, not-for-profit executive directors, worship leaders, and communications experts from our collective can give you the peer-to-peer reality checks and unblocking you need to forge ahead.


Staffing Audits

What does that person do anyway? What does that title mean? How does the way you’re staffed relate to the work you do or that needs to be done? These are some of the questions we ask in a staff audit. It’s not performance review or a prelude to downsizing. It’s a way of matching skill sets and job descriptions with real world needs and goals—and calling them something that people can understand.


Reimagining the future

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