Kyle Lasky



Creative Director Kyle Lasky is a graphic designer, front-end developer, and photographer. Kyle started designing and building websites in the early aughts, and soon expanded their love for useful design to branding and printed media.

For Vandersall Collective, they create visual brand identity and design systems for our clients, as well as implementing web, online and print design solutions for a range of audiences and messaging strategies. 

Kyle comes to us from a Fine Arts background, having studied photography at Ryerson University in Toronto, ON, film at Emily Carr University in Vancouver, BC, and shown work across Northern America. They also worked as a freelance photographer for Xtra, Canada’s nationally-circulated queer newspaper. As an artist, they are interested in contributing to a living archive of the queer experience. Their photographic work centers on trans* and lesbian/post-lesbian identities.

Kyle is passionate about good design, mid-century architecture, dogs, science-fiction, and intersectional feminism. They love their job.