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Enrollment Agreement


Timing, Structure and Goal-Setting

Our first meeting will focus around a timeline for the contract and explanation of contractor and sub-contractors roles.

At this first meeting we will review a few questions so that we can gauge the effectiveness of our work together and completion of our goals.

Before this meeting you will fill out a survey to give us a better sense of your infrastructure.

We will meet on a regular basis, depending on the stipulations in your contract. We hope to set regular meeting dates at our first meeting.

Getting the work done

Think about the structure of your organization and who would the best liaison would be with your contractors from Vandersall Collective. We find that the top executive, senior pastor, or head of staff is often not the most effective liaison for our work together. At our first meeting we will talk about, and you will decide the best team structure.

Keep in mind that we have found that our work with organizations and congregations can at times provide recommendations for change that affects administrative staff. Together we will talk about how to prepare your organizational system for potential changes.

An agenda will be prepared prior to each meeting and emailed to your team 24 hours in advance. Care is put into each agenda to keep the work on track. Of course if there are other pressing issues we are able to talk about those during our meetings.

After each meeting the Vandersall Collective contractor will send you a recap of our and your assignments to be completed between meetings. To keep our goals on track, and because so much of our work together builds, it is our expectation that we will all complete our assignments unless there is an unexpected pressing need that comes up in between.

In between meetings we will email you materials that we have promised to produce. Please be back in touch with feedback in a timely manner.


Logistical Details

For all design jobs, we require a creative brief before we begin work. We will work with you to clarify your needs and desires.

All print and web materials will require final approval before going live. You have the option to use the printer we have a relationship or to use a printer of your choosing. We will send printing quotes to you prior to ordering. Your timely response is much appreciated.

For printing, the bill from our printer will be sent directly to you for payment rather than included in our monthly bill to you.

Our bill is sent at the beginning of the month and payment is due the end of the month. For contract clients, the bill reflects the upcoming month of work. For contract clients, the bill reflects the upcoming month worth of work.

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