The Vine, NYC

The Vine NYC is a network of open, inviting campus ministries in New York City where all students are welcome. They are college and graduate students from institutions across the city who together are trying to figure out how to live in better relationship with God, one another and creation.

The past many years has seen a decrease in funding of campus ministry programs. We worked with The Vine to kick-start their fundraising efforts by conducting a mini-development audit, writing and designing case materials, analyzing their donor list, training their board and leadership, accompanying their leadership on “asks,” and organizing their first-ever major donor cultivation and ask event.

The Vandersall Collective has approached our work together eager to listen and be attuned to the uniqueness of our organization, its identity, and its needs. I am so grateful for the coaching and empowerment they have been providing us — it has already started to transform the culture of our organization.
— The Rev. Becca Seely