Society for the Increase of the Ministry

All people and all societies need wise spiritual leadership to inspire, inform and renew our lives. The Society for the Increase of the Ministry (SIM) guarantees the identification and education of outstanding faith leaders whose public imagination and witness matter in our world. SIM is expanding scholarships to increase the positive impact of faith leadership on our common life.

SIM, having served the Episcopal Church since 1857, found themselves at another crossroad with a renewed desire to influence theological education and church leadership for the 21st century. We began our work with SIM through leading the board on a retreat to explore strategic direction, and then then continued our work together through their year-end fundraising efforts, and the creation of a strategic plan and development plan.

Working with the Vandersall team has been a game-changer for our organization. The combination of skills this team has brought to the table revolutionized our operations, communications, fundraising, and strategic planning for the future. As a director charged with a challenging re-start, Vandersall was exactly the resource I needed, soup to nuts, in a visionary one stop shop. The passion, wisdom and devotion to the future of the church and the world charged our team and our Board will resolve and determination. What a gift!
— Dr. Courtney Cowart, Society for the Increase of the Ministry