Q Christian Fellowship

Q Christian Fellowship is an international network of Christians working for fully inclusive Christian community and a world where all people are treated as the beloved children of God. It is their mission to transform attitudes toward LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) people and bring about a day when the church is the biggest ally and defender of LGBTQ people rather than a chief opponent.

Q Christian came to us with an urgent need for a new website. After quickly completing a new, beautiful, easy to navigate site, we then began work on a name change, shift in verbal identity, visual implementation including logo and web design, and a short video.

Vandersall Collective was an incredibly efficient and creative firm that took our organization through a massive name change process—including rebranding, rollout, and website build—while using professional resources and insight that left my company comfortable in every stage of the process and utterly pleased with the final products.
— Isaac Archuleta, Previous Executive Director, Q Christian Fellowship