Endless Field

Endless Field is a collaborative instrumental guitar and bass duo featuring guitarist Jesse Lewis and bassist Ike Sturm.  They play original songs filled with intricate finger-style lines, improvisation and ambient textures.  They combine the dramatically different styles that have inspired them with the hope of giving voice to a new and compelling sound.

A bit out of our wheelhouse, Endless Field is a purpose-driven band seeking funding for their album which will be recorded in the wilderness. They wanted to learn how to fundraise for this project, and we guided them to find a fiscal sponsor, write case materials, research potential donors, and approach those donors for funding. As a result of our work together their album recording is funded and is being completed in the summer of 2019. As part of our work together we engaged in an intensive time of exploring personal narratives around money and the stumbling blocks that prevented them from claiming their gifts and talents through fundraising.

We arrived with a vision and Vandersall Collective has brought it to fruition: focusing our goals, building fundraising infrastructure, challenging the way we view money in our lives and creating a customized strategic plan has spoken to the unique needs of our project. Our ambitious dream of recording an album live in the wilderness will be realized this summer and would not have been possible without this critical process.
— Jesse Lewis & Ike Sturm