We'll give you the tools to keep going.

Extending your horizons for ongoing, evolving work takes funding, strategy, and implementation. We can help ensure that you are on a path that is sustainable well into the future.

Fundraising & Development

Stewardship and Annual Fund Campaigns

Just as the face of church is changing, so must the ways we engage in stewardship campaigns. Churches are now competing with the requests of every other non-profit that does good work within our communities. Tithing is no longer a dependable taught reality. Gifts are tied with the impact people see in the world and yet churches often have a hard time making their case. In addition, generationally speaking, the ways we make and give money away is very different. We help clients navigate these waters and emerge energized and equipped.

Major Donor Campaigns

Do you have major donors, or are you seeking major donors, and don’t quite know how to steward them? We help you keep track of who you are cultivating and strategize ways of approach.

Cultivation Events and Galas

It is important to spend time with all of your donors throughout the year. Cultivation events allow this to happen in an approachable manner, and also give the opportunity to tell your story and make your case to potential donors. Galas, with careful planning and execution, can be extensions of smaller events and have the potential to raise significant funds.

Crowdsourcing Campaigns

While crowdsourcing campaigns can appear to be easy, there is a great deal of strategic planning that goes into making one a success. These campaigns should be used to augment existing fundraising campaigns, to enhance an opportunity before you.

Fundraising Videos

Videos can be very persuasive for any fundraising campaign. They allow for multiple voices to be heard and the texture and feeling of your community to be communicated. Our team can guide you through conceptualizing and executing the filming and editing of a short video.

Capital Campaigns

To engage in a capital campaign is a major commitment that can become the focus of a community for many years. We provide thoughtful experience to help organize and guide a community through the highs and lows of a campaign such as this.

Feasibility Studies

What resources for funding are already in a congregation and community? What is the best approach for a particular culture and environment? We listen with a third-party perspective for opportunities unseen and present to our clients our best understanding of how to move forward.

Board Training

Non-profits have Boards of Directors. Congregations have sessions, or vestries, or councils, or leadership teams. Even among seasoned leaders, taking on a role in fundraising is often met with trepidation and fear. We work with leaders and organizations to explore the role and power of money in our lives and in the lives of our religious traditions and through this work train them to be effective fundraisers for their organizations.

Activation & Implementation

Becoming a media-savvy leader

Translating your compelling message through the lens of a camera, an audio sound byte, an impromptu moment at a microphone, or a well-thought out media campaign--these skills are separate from preaching, public speaking or other in-person communication skills. We can work with you to extend the reach of the stories you have to share.

short promotional/story-telling videos

Human beings respond to seeing people’s faces, hearing people’s voices, and feeling people’s stories through video. We can help you share the story of your community and the people that you serve.

Social media training and implementation

There are so many social media mediums out there. How do you choose what to use to attract your target audience and what do you say once you choose? We can help you understand what medium might be best for you, and how to make the biggest impact with your choice.

press releases, packets, and organizing press conferences

Doing really cool stuff that others need to know about? Not sure how to write a press release so that it finds its way above the constant static in media? We can help you find the right spin for your work and get it in the most appropriate hands

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