Case Study


Presbytery of New York City

Crossroads: Changing Mission and Outdated Online Presence

In the changing landscape of mainline church councils and the congregations they serve, the Presbytery of New York City has the extra challenge of serving one of the largest, most diverse, and culturally vibrant urban centers in the U.S.

Questions that brought us here

How do we use technology to reach our geographically far-flung congregations?

What can we do to make valuable resources and information available?

How do we fulfill our mission to serve our congregations?

Can technology bridge gaps, build trust,  and increase a sense of connection among disparate congregational cultures?

How do we embody God’s love (the core tenet of our mission statement) for our presbytery?

Vehicles for Change

Website Redesign— New architecture, streamlined navigation, increased functionality, and redesigned look and feel. The new site is designed to reflect the urban landscape where PNYC serves while conveying the humanity of those who serve God’s mission in this place. 

New Directions

An intuitive, needs based interface arose from interviews with presbytery staff and committee chairs who understand the core requirements for users of the website. Steeped in Presbyterian tradition, the architecture, navigation and functionality are designed to reflect the underlying polity, mission and purpose of the presbytery’s work.

The design reflects the particular dedication to clear, no-nonsense directions and layout that are at the heart of New York City’s approach to urban life.

“Our Presbytery’s website was in desperate need of a complete makeover. Vandersall Collective walked with us step by step to create a more user-friendly and resourceful website.”

— Yzette Swavy-Lipton

On the Horizon

As the Presbytery of New York City looks ahead into the 21st century, its online presence will increasingly become a meeting place—a crossroads unto itself—where member clergy, congregations and committees can forge a deeper, more meaningful sense of community as the body of Christ in the City of New York.

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