Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis

The Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis is called by Christ to welcome and witness in Central and Southern Indiana. Together we live an active faith that leads toward true peace--peace with justice, rooted in restoration with God in Christ. We join hearts and minds to transform mistrust and division into conversations grounded in the shared hope of Jesus Christ; we join hands to reach out, to tend, to invite, and to do the work of the gospel; we join voices with those who have been unheard and ignored, so that God’s word may be spoken, embodied, and heard in all the places where good news is needed in the world today.

We have worked with the diocese to lead a restructuring retreat for their Executive Council, as and are currently restructuring, designing and developing their new website. That work will then be translated into enewsleters and other materials.

Covenant Network of Presbyterians

The mission of the Covenant Network of Presbyterians is to strengthen the church of Jesus Christ, with the help of God's grace. They are called to achieve this goal by working for the unity of the church, furthering the inclusion of LGBTQ persons, seeking understanding and reconciliation, and joining with others seeking a still more just and inclusive church.

They came to us seeking support in articulating their verbal identity after policy shifts in their denominational environment, and then to create a new logo and visual identity that reflects that.

Q Christian Fellowship

Q Christian Fellowship is an international network of Christians working for fully inclusive Christian community and a world where all people are treated as the beloved children of God. It is their mission to transform attitudes toward LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) people and bring about a day when the church is the biggest ally and defender of LGBTQ people rather than a chief opponent.

They came to us with an urgent need for a new website. After quickly completing a new, beautiful, easy to navigate site, we then began work on changing their name and shifting their verbal identity.

Astoria First Presbyterian Church

Astoria First Presbyterian Church is a re-emerging community with a history that reaches back to 1846. Founded by a group of 17 members, the church grew for over a hundred years until, like many churches in the late 20th century, its membership started to decline. After selling its buildings in 2005 to make way for affordable senior housing, Astoria First has been reborn. The community is now vibrant, diverse, and steadily growing.

We created a fundraising strategy for Astoria First as well as a new visual identity.

Presbyterian Peace Fellowship

The Presbyterian Peace Fellowship (PPF) is a wide network of peacemakers who engage issues of both national and international import. 

Their call is to be movers and shakers within the PC(USA) and beyond, encouraging one another to take seriously God’s call to God’s people to participate in God’s nonviolent work of love, peace, and justice in the world. 

Vandersall Collective provided support to PPF in a light rebranding project as they were working towards their biennial denominational meeting.